Tighten Saggy Skin With FaceTite

Heading toward middle age can be bittersweet. On the one hand, having more candles on your cake means you’re more experienced. On the other, it probably also means your skin no longer looks as young as it used to. That’s because, beginning in your mid-to-late thirties (or in your early-to-mid forties, if you have enviable genes), your body’s collagen and elastin levels begin to decrease substantially.   

So what makes these two proteins so important? Collagen, which is the main building block for dermal tissue, helps your skin stay strong, toned, and supple. Elastin is the building block that allows your skin to stretch and contract as needed, without losing its tautness in the process. 

As your body’s collagen and elastin production gradually dwindle and your skin begins to lose some of its structure and shape, you may notice that it looks more wrinkled with each passing year.  

If you’re tired of skin that makes you look older than you feel, we can help—thanks to ongoing advances in cosmetic medicine, minimally invasive skin tightening is now a safe, easy, and highly effective option for anyone who wants to reset the clock without having to go under the knife.

Let’s explore how FaceTite, a minimally invasive “one-step mini facelift” designed to tighten and revitalize loose, saggy skin, can help you restore a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion from the inside out. 

FaceTite skin tightening 101

FaceTite is a revolutionary skin tightening and facial contouring method designed to improve mild to moderate skin laxity along your lower face, neck, and jowls. 

Through a specialized handheld device, FaceTite uses sophisticated radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) to liquify unwanted fat cells while delivering controlled, uniform heat to the deepest layers of your skin. These targeted energy waves cause a deep thermal reaction that simultaneously triggers the production of fresh collagen and elastin.

FaceTite is so effective that it takes just one treatment to get achieve tighter, smoother skin and a more youthful facial profile. 

A simple, gentle procedure

FaceTite is a minimally invasive, in-office procedure that requires nothing more than an oral sedative and a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable from beginning to end.

The oral sedative ensures you don’t feel any discomfort when Dr. Ozgur makes three small incisions on each side of your face: One along the crease in front of your ear, one behind your earlobe, and one under your chin. The incisions are so small they can be closed with surgical glue (instead of stitches), and they won’t leave any visible scars.

Then, a local anesthetic is injected under your skin in the treatment area to help ensure you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure itself. 

The FaceTite device looks much like a narrow, V-shaped probe. The thinner side of the probe, or canula, is the part that Dr. Ozgur inserts under your skin, while the wider side of the probe, or the electrode, sits on the surface of your skin. 

When Dr. Ozgur gently moves the device through the treatment area in a continuous motion, radiofrequency (RF) energy flows between the internal canula and the external electrode. The internal energy generated by the canula liquifies fat cells and triggers deep collagen and elastin remodeling, while the external energy generated by the electrode stimulates surface collagen renewal and elastin contraction. 

Because this highly targeted energy exchange is closely monitored by advanced computer software that takes real-time measurements of your skin temperature, fat temperature, and tissue impedance, FaceTite is just as safe as it is effective. 

Minimal downtime, stunning results

Unlike a conventional cosmetic facelift, FaceTite doesn’t require extensive recovery or a long period of downtime—most people experience minimal swelling and bruising that fades in just a few short days, allowing them to return to their normal routine in less than a week.  

Although you’d expect a minimally invasive treatment like FaceTite to have a shorter recovery time compared to major facelift surgery, recovery after FaceTite is made even easier by the treatment itself—the heat generated by the tip of the internal canula actually coagulates nearby blood vessels, helping to reduce post-procedural swelling, bruising, and discomfort. 

As soon as any minor swelling subsides, you can expect to see noticeable skin tightening and a renewed facial contour. You can also expect your skin to look increasingly tighter, smoother, and more radiant in the days, weeks, and months following treatment as the collagen remodeling and elastin renewal processes continue to unfold. 

Although most FaceTite patients see excellent results six months after the procedure, your results may continue to improve for up to a year.  

To find out what FaceTite can do for you, call our Mission Viejo, California office today, or use the easy online booking tool to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ozgur any time. 

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